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Shroom coffee power

Reviewing these products was a journey of discovery. I’m a health coach who constantly loves to study & learn about nutrition. That’s why I took their online course at Mushroom Academy, where I deepened my knowledge about medicinal mushrooms.

I want to thank Four Sigmatic for sending me some of their samples to review.

- What are medicinal mushrooms?

Mushrooms belong to the fungi kingdom, where you can find many types of mushrooms, the online course it explains that sometimes we use term mushroom incorrectly, but to keep it easy, I won’t get into details.

There are edible mushrooms such as Portobello, Porcini & White button mushrooms and there are medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga & Cordyceps. There are also non-edible/toxic & hallucinogenic mushrooms but Four Sigmatic focuses on the medicinal ones, medicinal mushrooms have healing properties that are highly beneficial to us.

-What type of benefits?

They have many benefits, some of them you can feel them right away and others it takes a little bit longer.

A few of these benefits are:


🔅Reduce stress


🔅Brain booster

🔅Energy booster

🔅Heal immune system

🔅Supports gastrointestinal health

🔅Supports hormonal system


🔅Promotes longevity

The products I've tried:

🔅Mushroom coffee: It tasted great, it had a light fruity aftertaste and the big highlight was that I had NO caffeine crash after drinking it.

This coffee is less acidic and has less caffeine but it leaves you with crazy amounts of energy.

Just to share an example, I had it at 7:15 am and by noon I had cooked: vegan cheese, bread, vegan sausages & steamed asparagus on a Saturday! Enough said.

🔅Hot cacao with Reishi: I had it on a rainy day and it was the perfect treat. With a light sweet taste, I could feel my stress was meltin