Hi, I'm Anja.

To follow the formalities, I'm a Health & Tech coach, product reviewer, and blogger in NY. I combine my health coaching skills with Tech to help you achieve an amazing life. I'm always testing new technologies and exploring how can we benefit from using them. I'm also a former make-up artist and cosmetologist, so beauty and fashion are sprinkled along my programs. I was born in Switzerland, I'm a mom of 2 and speak 3 languages- but if you're European that's not impressive at all.



BUT I'm much more than my presentation card, I'm curious, I'm sensitive, I'm honest, I care for people, I love to love, I'm obsessed with adopting new healthy habits and most of all I want to leave the world a little bit better than I found it.


Long before I realized that I wanted to be a health coach and help incredible women learn how to practice self-care and optimize their health.

I wanted to be a detective, then a marine biologist and finally an actress.

I wanted attention and loved being on stage but something changed as I grew up.




My confidence decided to shrink and put on its invisibility coat, I was desperate to fit in, I wanted it so much, that I completely detached myself from that brave, curious and eccentric girl that I truly was. 

From a very young age, I was told that I was overly emotional and that I needed to control myself, my emotions were always pouring out of my skin but they had no place in my community. I later understood that I was an empath and that was going to be my superpower.


I've dealt with bullies, eating disorders, image distortion, anxiety, and tobacco addiction, it wasn't pretty but I've learned powerful lessons, lessons that transformed my life and empowered me once I faced my fears and decided to overcome each one of them.


Life is not perfect, its unpredictable but we have the power choose how we want to feel and react towards it.

I know that I want to feel healthy, have energy, laugh a lot, enjoy the simple things, be able to pamper myself, have a purpose and give back to the world.


How about you? How do you want to feel?




Awareness is the greatest agent for change.

                                           -Eckhart Tolle

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