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Meet the Luci light

I want to thank  MPOWERD for sending me their innovative product to review. I loved spending time on the Luci light and here are my thoughts!

- What is Luci? It’s an inflatable light, it’s completely solar powered with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours once is fully charged. It’s lightweight & waterproof, perfect for adventure trips and at the same time it’s elegant and convenient making it the latest trend in home decor.

- How does it work? It’s extremely easy to use, just place the Luci under direct sunlight with the solar panel facing up. It has a battery level indicator that will let you know when you need to charge your Luci. On our road trip to Woodstock, I simply placed the Luci on top of the dashboard while we were driving upstate NY. Once your Luci is charged you just need to inflate it and turn the light on. The Luci lights that I reviewed have 3 different light modes. The Luci Lux has bright, super bright and 1-second flashing. The Luci candle has candle flicker, dim and bright. Just turn it off when you no longer need it.

- Why is Luci such an amazing product? I lived in a developing country for many years and I know what it means to have power outages and everybody is trying to light their candles or reach for their lanterns.( which for some reason are always difficult to find) Luci is the perfect aid during weather catastrophes such as hurricanes & floods but it also helps people on a regular basis by providing them with light once the sun goes down and that allows them to progress and improve their quality of life, kids can study after dark and health clinics can stay open for longer hours. Not to mention the fact that there is less CO2 released into the atmosphere. Luci, it’s a safe, advanced and necessary creation that needs to keep spreading around the world. 250.000+ Luci Lights have been distributed and over 1.250.000 lives have been changed. As they say:“ Thomas Edison would be proud”

- How much does it cost? Another amazing this about this company is that The Lucy light is very affordable, prices range from $12 to $30. Not bad right? I always keep a Luci Light in my car and a few around the house.

- Where can you get them?

 Did you know that through this company you can help others?

Yes! You can be part of the project Give Luci when you purchase a Give Luci light for $11.95, MPOWERD non-profit partners will deliver it to someone living without access to electricity. An estimate of 1.2 Billion people were living without electricity in 2013, that was almost 17% of the global population. You can make a huge impact on people’s lives by purchasing a Give Luci light. I’m extremely impressed by this company, not only they created an affordable, revolutionary product that will help change the world but they made sure that it’s a high-quality one as well.

Bravo MPOWERD, the Luci Light it’s a masterpiece!

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