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Love me some protein

Golden Milk Warrior

Creating recipes, writing reviews and sharing them with you has to be one of my favorites things to do.

Before I jump into the recipe I want to share my thoughts about this protein powder.

About Warrior blend

It’s a raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free & non GMO protein powder. It’s low in calories -only 100 per serving- it’s low in carbs (2g)and in sugars (0g). The great thing about this product is that is high in protein (19g).

Protein is essential to our diet, it's critical for building muscle, balancing hormones naturally, it helps prevent weight gain since it makes us feel fuller for longer periods and it’s also critical in building blocks for bones, skin, blood & cartilage. I mean you get the picture, we need protein!

One of the biggest discussion about people who have a vegan or vegetarian diet is that they are not getting complete proteins, I’ve been there many times trying to answer the most annoying question ever: you know you’re not getting good quality of proteins right?

But this protein powder contains a powerful plant-based protein blend that includes Pea protein that contains a full spectrum of amino acids, Hemp seed protein is considered a complete superfood protein and highly hypoallergenic and Cranberry protein is high in antioxidants and omegas. You don’t have to worry, you are completely covered 😌

About the taste

To be honest I was expecting something sweeter but yet again it only has 2g of sugar, my expectations were too high. But the good news is that with this protein powder, taste is what you make of it. What do I mean by this? That you are in charge! Yes! This protein powder is very versatile and it can adapt to whatever you decide to make. You can add fruits, nut butters, natural sweeteners and, this protein powder will blend beautifully in your creation.

Would I recommend it?

Yes and No. Why yes? It’s the perfect vegan Addition, it’s versatile and sustainable. It gives you infinitive options for tasty recipes. Why not? If you are in a hurry or you don’t really have the time to spend in the kitchen creating & exploring, then this product on its own might not be as flavorful as other protein shakes.

My favorite recipe for this powder

- 1 packet of Warrior blend, vanilla - 2 ice cubes - 1 tbsp cashew butter - 1 pinch of turmeric - 10 oz of unsweetened Almond milk

Blend all the ingredients together and top it with bee pollen. Enjoy!

Curious about trying out this product?

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