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WAIR, clean air everywhere

WAIR is the first anti-pollution scarf, designed and produced in France. This innovative startup is located in Lyon and was created by Caroline Van Renterghem a beautiful inspiring female entrepreneur with a strong background in fashion.

At WAIR, we think clothes can be more than just clothes! Clothing has been created to protect ourselves, this use has evolved since, but our garderobe hasn't much! This is why WAIR is part of the Fashion-Tech movement. - WAIR

When fashion is combined with tech in order to create a health product is when the magic happens, my mission is to bring to you the latest trends that will make you look/feel good and help improve your health. Small changes can have a huge impact on our lives, just image a collective of those positive impacts and the outcome they will have on our planet.

But what is Air pollution?

I know many of us have heard the word pollution over and over again, maybe learned about it in school or through the news but if you are anything like me, then a mind refreshment will be welcomed.

Eschool today explains that air pollution (po-loo-shun) occurs when gases, dust particles, fumes (or smoke) or odor are introduced into the atmosphere in a way that makes it harmful to humans, animals, and plant. This is because the air becomes dirty (contaminated or unclean). The Earth is surrounded by a blanket of air (made up of various gases) called the atmosphere. The atmosphere helps protect the Earth and allow life to exist. Without it, we would be burned by the intense heat of the sun during the day or frozen by the very low temperatures at night.Any additional gas, particles or odors that are introduced into the air (either by nature or human activity) to distort this natural balance and cause harm to living things can be called air pollution.

The impact that pollution has on our health must be taken seriously, many preventable illnesses are a by-product of being exposed to pollution. I'm aware that health has to be approached in a holistic way meaning that not only one thing will determine if you are healthy or not but pollution is an imminent threat to health. As we evolve as humans we tend, by every means we can, to use more energy and that unfortunately has a great impact on our planet, our health, on animals and ourselves.

WAIR cannot stop pollution but it can raise awareness and help you breathe cleaner air, which ultimately benefits your lifestyle in a great way, especially if you live in a big city.

What I liked about WAIR:

  • It's a handy innovative accessory.

  • It's wearable health, clean air when you need it without having to carry a huge filter.

  • It looks gorgeous and is super stylish.

  • The Sup'airman app is brilliant.

The Sup'airman app works as a personal assistant, it will let you know if you are entering a highly polluted area and you need to use your WAIR.

This is perfect for big cities such as New York, where I live because this app just by using geolocation can help you to navigate through your town in a healthier way and know the pollution index in real time. Designed as a personal assistant, Sup'airman allows the user to know his air pollution index in real time, and receive tips on how to live better and healthier around their town.

WAIR explains that this data comes from WAIR partners and not from users. Only the geolocation of the user's phone is required to use the application (subject to validation).

These features are free and accessible to everyone. As soon as the WAIR Active range is released, the user will be able to connect his active box to the application to know exactly the level of pollution avoided when he wears his scarf as well as reminders to change his filter once clogged.


Interview with Benedicte Viseux, head of marketing and communication at WAIR.

Mindfully Augmented(MA): What's your favorite thing about WAIR?

Benedicte Viseux(BV): My favorite thing about WAIR is how this product always surprise the people when they discover that there's a mask with a real filter inside.And more generally, I love the history of the product, how it has been created and how Caroline, the founder, has moved mountains to arrive at a certified, patented and efficient product.

MA: Are the materials eco-friendly? Where are they sourced?

BV: Our materials are sourced from France, Germany, and Portugal.

MA: How often do the filters need replacement?

BV: You need to change the filters every month to guarantee the efficiency of the filtration.

MA: Can it be used near sick people in order to prevent illnesses such as the flu?

BV: Yes, there's a bacteria filter inside our mask. But it's first work is to filter pollution up to 90%, we don't guarantee that's it will filter the flu 100%.

MA: For a big family, it might be a little bit too expensive, is WAIR planning to be more affordable in the near future?

BV: Yes we hope so! In the near future, we are planning to organize a promotion period.

MA:  Can children use it?

BV: Not yet, but we are working on a children mask collection.

MA: What is something you want people to know about WAIR?

BV: People need to know that we don't promise them the moon with an imaginary 100% micro-particles filtration, we are not using anti-pollution marketing. We will filter 90% of the urban pollution, micro-particles until 0,1.

 It's not a 100% filtration but we can promise you that's its a truly efficient one!

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