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W a r r i o r T i m e 🉐

Once again I want to thank Sunwarrior for this great opportunity. In this occasion, I tried their classic protein, chocolate flavor. 


What can I tell you about this product

 The classic protein is a raw, vegan, gluten & soy free and hypoallergenic protein powder. Is perfect for vegans and vegetarians or anyone who wants a plant-based protein powder. The thing that I loved about this product is the short list of ingredients. That's huge because if you go and check out the label of your current protein powder, chances are, that the list of ingredients is pretty long and you can barely pronounce 1/2 of them. Am I wrong?

This protein powder like the previous I've reviewed has a complete Amino acid profile, making it a complete protein. The main ingredient is Raw whole grain brown rice protein which most of us are familiar with.


But there are some ingredients you might not know-

 Brown rice Oligodextrin, what is it? 

 Brown rice oligodextrin is a starch created through a combination of enzymes, brown rice, and water. Brown rice oligodextrin is beneficial because it protects enzymatic activity, prolongs shelf life, provides nutrients from brown rice.

 Xanthan Gum, what is it?

 Xanthan Gum is a plant-based thickening and stabilizing agent.

Pectin, what is it?

Pectin is produced commercially as a white to light brown powder, mainly extracted from citrus fruits, and is used in food as a gelling agent. It's also a good source of dietary fiber.


About the flavor 

 I've enjoyed the chocolate one much more than the vanilla. It's still low in sugar so it's not that sweet but again it's a very versatile protein powder.

Would I recommend it?

 Yes, I love protein powders that don't have an extended list of ingredients. And if you're looking for something sweeter just add some fruits! 

Recipes for that mouth-watering picture posted above

 For the energizing drink:

 - 10oz of Almond milk

 - 1 packed of the classic protein 

 Blend and top with cacao nibs 

For the Matcha chocolates:

 - 1/2 cup vegan chocolate chips

 - 1 packet of the classic protein

 - 1/2 tsp vanilla essence

 - 1 Tbsp of almond milk 

- Matcha green tea powder for rolling the truffles

In a double boiler add all the ingredients but the Matcha, on a low heat set stir until the chocolate is melted. Set aside to cool down Make the chocolate balls using your hands and roll them in the Matcha green tea powder ( if it's too powdery for you, add some toasted coconut shreds or chopped pistachios)

Refrigerate for a few hours before eating.


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