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Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Ormus supergreens from Sunwarrior I want to thank Sunwarrior for sending me a lovely care package.

It’s a blend of nutritious super greens such as Alfalfa, Wheat Grass & Spinach to name a few. It’s raw, organic, soy free, dairy and gluten free. It’s perfect for any type of diet, even for vegans and the best part is that's hypoallergenic! It’s a powder and when it’s mixed with water it creates a fresh and tasty drink. It also has a probiotic blend which helps cultivate good gut bacteria and that alone has many benefits for our overall health.

Do we need Super greens ? In my personal opinion yes we do need them. They are high in nutrients, phytonutrients, they are a great source of fiber and give you that extra energy so you don’t have to reach out for that 2nd cup of coffee. They provide digestive enzymes and they are know to heal tissue.

The taste To my surprise it tasted A m a z i n g! And this makes me really excited because I’ve tried many super greens powders and the after taste was just awful or weird. This product has NO after taste and it has a very delicate peppermint flavor, not overpowering at all.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! As a health coach I love nothing more than to see people healthy & happy. Ormus supergreens is a perfect addition to your daily routine. This drink alone won’t make you magically healthy, your whole lifestyle matters when you try to be healthy. For example you could swap your soda drink for one of these. You see, small changes can have a huge impact in your life. Imagine if you put together a few of these changes? Your body and mind will be eternally grateful.

The recipe for these shots

It’s extremely easy & I wouldn’t dare to keep it to myself !

- 12oz of purified water

- 3 ice cubes

- 1 packet of supergreens Blend and serve!

Where can you get this drink full of goodness ?

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