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A revolutionizing VR headset

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

If you haven’t heard of the recently released Pimax VR headset, you probably will soon enough, as it has been revolutionizing the Virtual Reality world since its announcement.

The creators behind it are a Chinese team of researchers that go by the same name, Pimax, and they are well-known for their 4k VR headset, which they decided to take to the next level by releasing the new Pimax 5k and 8k models.

For now, we’ll be offering you a closer look into the Pimax 5k headset, what it can do and what makes it so different from what we already have access to within the ground-breaking VR sphere.

Features of the Pimax 5k

Although it's advertised as a 5k viewer, this Pimax doesn’t really offer a screen with a 5k resolution and that’s the first thing you should know. It does work differently from other VR headsets as it gives each eye a total of 2560 x 1440 pixels, meaning that it will display a real 5k horizontally but only half that pixel amount vertically.

Similarly, the Pimax 5k has a 200-degree field of view, far superior from the 110-degree FOV of competitive headsets such as the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, so don’t think the Pimax is being sold inaccurately as it does truly offer a brand new quality on the field.

As for the pixels, the experiences with the Pimax 5k present 7.4 million of these small magic-workers, allowing you to immerse into Virtual Reality like never before.

Its refresh rate is pretty much the same as other headsets, 90hz per eye, and its brainwrap technology makes it render a 4k image at 150/180 times per second. Even if your eyes don’t perceive these changes, we can assure you that the result is an even more real 3D space when the headset is on.

Likewise, your PC will thank you for it as it decreases the GPU pressure and ensures an even smoother experience.

Other Relevant Attributes

  • The display of the Pimax 5k is a particular type of LCD called Customized Low Persistence Liquid. Users have stated that, although it's much better in quality than normal LCD, it's still far behind the OLED displays

  • Among its best attributes is the weight: The Pimax 5k is considerably lighter than other headsets, giving you more comfort and control when you are playing with the headset on

  • The number of pixels that the Pimax 5k displays reduce motion sickness symptoms and its research team is even planning on enhancing these advantages with improved lenses

  • Its positional tracking system uses Triad Semiconductor sensors and cutting-edge laser technology to excel. The Pimax 5k can be used with both one or two base stations


Because Pimax is sold only through its Kickstarter campaign, all of its accessories can only be acquired there, as well. Prices vary according to what you are interested in but you can enhance your VR experience with two base stations, a couple of controllers, head straps with or without earphones, extra face cushions, and 10 meters of cable to give you more flexibility.

Moreover, there are several compatible accessories that you can buy from other brands and that still work well with the Pimax 5k. Among these, you can find cooling fans, scent enablers, and hand motion modules.

What About the Games?

Most of the games created for Steam VR and Oculus can adapt to the 200-degree FOV of the Pimax 5k, so rest assured that you’ll be able to play them freely.

Whether this transformation creates any warping or distortion is something that is still being investigated by testers and gamers, but because these Pimax headsets are constantly being upgraded by the company, they will most probably find a way to make the VR experience a near-perfect one, we dare to say.


Devor Gasparevic

Devor is a writer and an editor for a few gaming and technology related news sites. Last year his main focus was on Virtual Reality as it became one of the fastest growing industries. Being an avid gamer himself, Devor enjoys playing PUBG, watching his favorite Netflix shows and relaxing in nature during his free time.

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