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Planetarians, rethink snacking

Before I jump into this review, I want to thank Planetarians for sending me samples to review. I've received two different snack flavors, nacho, and sour cream & onions.

When meal prepping, organizing healthy snacks can be a real hustle. Fruits and raw veggies are ideal but sometimes I crave a little extra.

Planetarians created a plant-based, nutrient dense and crunchy snack that will make you rethink food. Definitely, a must add on to your snack list.

Key Features

Main ingredients: Sunflower Meal (50%), Whole Grain Brown Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch.

  • Vegan.

  • Kosher.

  • Gluten Free.

  • High Fiber.

  • High Plant Protein.

  • Low Fat. No Trans Fat.

  • Low Sugar.

  • Low Sodium.

  • Allergen Free. Non-GMO. No Soy. No MSG. No Artificial Flavors and Colors.

  • Each pack has 160 calories, 12gr of protein, 1g of fat and 11g of fiber

What I liked about these snacks:

The crunch, there I've said it! I'm a fan of crunchy snacks. Moving away from my snack confession, I believe that we truly need to address snacking. Kids in the US snack at least twice a day and from what I've seen, these snacks tend to be not very nutritious.

According to Blanks' children's hospital:

Based on diet recommendations established by the United States Department of Agriculture, only 2 percent of children have a healthy diet. In fact, in a survey of high school seniors, only three out of every 10 report eating vegetables nearly every day. Of the vegetables consumed, one-fourth is in the form of french fries or potato chips.

If we want out kids to live longer we need to improve their eating habits, I know it takes a village but luckily that village can also be found online and through food delivery systems like Planetarians.

Planetarians is bringing a different approach to snacking and kids might go for it. I know mines did, even my husband enjoyed these snacks.

The key features I've mentioned above make these snacks a great substitute for chips and crackers. They are relatively affordable, $9.99 for a pack of 6 but if you have 2 or more kids, those snacks will disappear before you put them in the cupboard.

What did not work for me

The aftertaste, it was a tad chalky but in their defense, I received their 1.0 snack version, once I get to try their 2.0, I will update my review on Instagram and Facebook.

Where can you get them? and

How much does it cost?

$9.99 for a 6 pack or $35 for a 36 pack. If you subscribe to Amazon you can get 5-15%off.

When you buy a Get one give one sample pack, Planetarians donates the second one to kids in underserved communities.

Flavors can you get:

  • Sweet and smokey BBQ

  • Sweetly cinnamon

  • Fiery Sriracha

Overall these are great snacks and have amazing potential, I'm looking forward to seeing this company expand and help reshape snacking. I'm curious to see if they might be including vegetables to their snacks or if they will create different types of snacks boxes like Graze is doing.

If you haven't tried Planetarians you will not be disappointed, share your pics using #mindfullyaugmented and share your thoughts.

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