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Movebutter, redefining supermarkets

I've been wanting to share this review with you guys for the longest time, but before I dive in, I want to thank Janie Flores from Movebutter for her time and for sending me an amazing care package.

What is Movebutter?

Movebutter is a revolutionary online supermarket company that takes grocery shopping to a new level. They make high-quality food affordable by removing the middle man and waste.

We've flown coast to coast to find the best farmers, butchers, and ranchers in the country. And we're bringing their food to the world. We make everything in small batches and never hold stock. Instead, we ship straight to you, farm-to-fridge. Five times faster than any traditional supermarket- Movebutter explains.

My experience

I absolutely love when I write positive reviews and this is one of them. Everything I've received was fresh and extremely tasty. I was delighted with my vegetarian box, and Movebutter pampered me with cheese, veggies, snacks, faux-meats, rice, pasta, delicate sweets, spreads, and sauces.

I love to cook, and I have to say that Movebutter's produce added flavor and freshness to my meals. The packaging is recyclable and the prices are very affordable, we are a family of 4 with 2 very hungry kids, and the box lasted us for an entire week. Not bad, right? And the best part is free shipping! Yes, you heard me, free shipping! Just perfect, especially when you compare it to Amazon Fresh where you have to pay $14.99 a month on top of the prime membership.

Many of you guys have heard the news about Amazon buying Whole Foods. In fact, Amazon is already selling 360 products (Whole Foods) online, but here is the thing I love most about Movebutter: community.

 Even though we are moving into a highly technological era where tech is isolating people more and more, there's also a bright side to it, and it's that companies like Movebutter are using tech to bring people together while providing them with exceptional foods.

It might seem like Amazon is a giant taking over everything by giving us great prices, lots of choices, and fast shipping, but even though it's the most popular, it's not the only one and it's up to us to vote, choose, and support other companies that are trying to make a difference while leaving the world in a better place than they found it.

Interview with Janie Flores, marketing, publicity, team and community organizing, project coordinating, research and positivity at Movebutter

Mindfully Augmented (MA) What's the difference between Movebutter and other online supermarkets?

Janie Flores (JF): We hold our own brand of groceries. We also only hold 250 items. They're staple items. All natural, organic, and artisanal foods. Everything from vegetables and fruits to meats and cheeses. Lots of vegan options too.

We ship nationwide. We value transparency and make an effort to show you where your food comes from, how much the producers receive from your dollar, and where all of the money goes. No online supermarket does this.

MA: What's the story behind Movebutter's name? What's Movebutter's main mission?

JF: Our main mission is to provide more and more people access to incredible groceries at fair prices. High-quality food should not just be available for a few people. It should be available to all. As for the name, it's just a name our CEO, Chai Mishra, thought up one day. He wanted to incorporate the word move into a name because of the way his business plan worked. He wanted to move things around - change the system if you will. And butter is just a fun word!

MA: I've noticed that some of your products contain oils such a soybean oil, are these organic and non-GMO?

JF:  All of our products are made out of organic ingredients. So, yes, the soybean oil is organic!

MA: The packaging is perfect for 1 or 2 people. What about family size? Will the pricing still be affordable?

JF: You can order as much as you'd like! The pricing will most definitely be affordable.

MA: What do you guys think about drone delivery?

JF: Drone delivery...hmm...I personally think drone delivery could be beneficial, but also a bit dangerous. While tech seems to be innovating and shrinking the need for man/woman power in industries, it just seems like we should push those people into the new industries instead of just taking them over. I think drones have a lot of power within them and perhaps that power could be abused. Maybe drones have more technology in them besides a GPS and a camera. Privacy would be lost. It may be innovative and save time and resources, which could be good for our planet. But, I am skeptical on drone delivery taking over the industry and displacing so many people who do this for a living. Of course, innovative tech is helpful in so many ways. I just think we need to be mindful of the negative consequences to it all. (I am speaking on behalf of myself and not my company.)

MA: What would you say to people who have never heard of Movebutter?

JF: If you want high-quality food at affordable prices, check us out. If you believe in an ethical supply chain, check us out. If you want a better supermarket experience, check us out!!

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