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What Education Will Look Like in ten years

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Education refers to the process enlightenment of ones brain through a set of instructions to facilitate impacting of knowledge, values, belief or habits.

Education is either formal or informal where various method of teaching such as apprenticeship, discussion, teaching, storytelling or training are used.

Education has a long history of evolving since the evolution of man to the current generation of the 21st century. Formal education has become the most popular since 19th century to present where people have been able to acquire the highest decorum of education level. It is obvious that above 90% of people in the world have access to formal education.

With the latest invention and evolution of technology, education has evolved to a higher level and still has more room to evolve.

Discussed herein are some of the extrapolated views on how the technology will be like in ten years from now.

Firstly, the education in ten years from now will have greatly reduced paper work. Most countries across the world are embracing the use of machinery and computers in the day to day learning. The world is being reduced to a small global village where pupil and students and teacher interact freely. This is will be as a result of introduction of sophisticated computer software that will facilitate one-on-one interaction in the classroom. The device will be used as their books for note keeping, resource and reference material.

E-learning and cloud learning will be the order of the day. The rate at which the technology is changing leaves no doubt that education will have no option rather than incorporate it. The internet with strong bandwidth is the one that will usher in this technology. Pupil and their educators will have their education experience spiced up. The teacher or tutor will conduct the normal lessons via online and important classwork will find it storage on the clouds. Though pilot projects are being conducted and introduced in some first class countries, this still remain a dream to many countries. It is the transformation they expect to see in education in 10 years!

The vocational technical training will be at the peak of the education curriculum. The class based education has been embraced in the recent century. This was due to the highly motive of securing a white color job after completion of the set curriculum.

Many people enrolled and that have been the tradition in many country.

Having attained the higher level of education such as university education is highly regarded. This has resorted to a negative impact on the labor force due to imbalance between unskilled and specialized labor. The specialized task force that private tutor has superseded the market demand creating unemployed and shortage of labor in unskilled work. In ten years, most people will have shifted to technical courses and vocational training.


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