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H e l l o F r e s h 🌱

First of all I want to thank Hello Fresh for sending me an amazing vegetarian box to review. And then I want to thank their staff for being very pleasant, reliable and on top of things.

About Hello Fresh Hello fresh is a company that delivers meal kits to your house. Hello fresh will send you a box full of ingredients with their recipe to your house so you don’t have to go grocery shopping or plan what to cook. Amazing right? Talking about time management! It’s very convenient, all the ingredients are pre- portioned and ready to create a delicious meal.

My box I’ve received a big vegetarian box with 3 different meal kits and their recipes. The first recipe I made was their vegetarian Bibimbap. It was just perfect, I had been working all day and by dinner time I was really exhausted, thinking about what to cook wasn't something I was looking forward to. Luckily my Hello Fresh box was delivered and to my surprise all the recipes looked mouthwatering! The cooking process was really relaxing, I was listening to a podcast, kids were playing and I just had to follow the recipe instructions in order to create a super healthy dish. Win win. However it took me a little bit longer to get everything together, on the recipe it says it takes 45min and instead it took me 1 hour & 15 minutes.

The taste Incredible, just fantastic! It was a dish I had never had before and the whole family loved it. I mean, I have 2 kids and watching them eat seconds was extremely rewarding. The produce tasted so fresh, it was almost as if I had picked it from my own veggie garden.

They have meat options Hello Fresh meats are primarily sourced domestically and all natural. They make sure they know their vendors and their operation system inside out. They do on site visits to make sure the operation food is safe and their animals are treated with respect.

Their produce Hello fresh works with sustainable business partners to ensure high quality, seasonal and farm- sourced produced is delivered at peak freshness. That I can really say it’s true, because the veggies tasted Amazing.

Pricing I received the vegetarian family box for free but it’s value is of $89 + shipping This comes out to be about around $7 per person per meal. Not bad right?

I love that most of the packaging is recyclable! And you can compost the veggies that you don’t use. Hello Fresh mission is to empower people to cook at home more often and choose healthier and nutritious meals.

I’ll be reviewing two more meal kits but in the meantime you can order your own!

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