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Hello Fresh

As you all know I’ve been reviewing the vegetarian box from HelloFresh. Second meal here we go!🍴

What did I cook? I made the sweet potato & black bean bake

Was it good? To be honest, of all three meals I’ve received, this was the one, that excited me the least. To my surprise, it tasted amazing! And when I say amazing I mean, that all the flavors complimented each other and it was the perfect dish for the cold spring we’re having in NY. I’m not a fan of raw tomatoes but the salad was so good that now, all I want is to eat grape tomatoes! Seriously, the next day I went straight to Trader Joe’s to buy some.

How long did it take me to prepare this dish? 50 minutes, this time I really took the time to enjoy this experience, so while I was cooking I had a glass of red wine and I did not rush.

Would I have this dish again? Yes! I'm already thinking of purchasing hello fresh again, and the fact that I don't even have to do the grocery shopping, it's music to my ears. I know that there are people who complained that the servings were too small but we had leftovers. We are a family a four, with two small kids but don’t be fooled by their age, my girls eat a lot. So in my opinion, the serving size was more than enough.

I want to thank HelloFresh for sending me their box, I know how much work they put into their products and I’m truly grateful that I have this amazing chance to review it. I also want to thank my beautiful husband, Bracey he's my biggest support and I couldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for him.


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