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Social media reuniting families

I am a father of two daughters, one of which I am in contact with and see her regularly, she is my youngest, a fireball of energy with a sensitive and intuitive soul.

I have another daughter, my eldest, a fun, loving little girl who is growing up to be quite a young lady.

My eldest daughter never knew I existed until around 2017, and the last time I saw her was when she was 1½ years old.

Those of you who are divorced or single parents would understand the difficulties and obstacles one has to overcome, not only with your previous partners but with your children as well. It is a difficult situation no matter what angle you look at it from.

In my case, my ex-wife and I separated and divorced when my eldest daughter was still a baby, she has no memory of me.

My ex-wife thought it would be best that my daughter did not have contact with me until an appropriate age. That way she could grow up in a family, knowing her step father as her father.

As much as this hurt me, I mean it really stings, I learnt to respect the wishes of my ex-wife and trust that she had the best interests for our daughter.

With my youngest daughter I have been blessed to be able to see her grow up for the most part. Even though her mother and I separated early on, there has always been an effort and point for me to be able to be a part of my daughter's life as much as possible.

My daughter knows me as Dad, calls me regularly (as often as a 9 year old remembers) and she comes on vacation to spend time with me.

I have always had some sort of contact with my eldest daughter's mother and knew of my daughter's achievements, her growing up and some pictures here and there. I have been very grateful for that, but always truly missed my daughter, not being able to be a part of her life, or even just being able to watch her grow up has been difficult.

I am sure there is someone out there who can relate.

It has always been the oddest concept for me to wrap my head around. I knew she existed, knew so much about her life yet she did not know I even existed! I remember when she was born and holding her in my arms, as she grew up I got glimpses into her life, but the life I saw had no recollection of me, her Father.

Things changed the beginning of the year (2017)

I have been an avid lover of social media since it really started hitting off. I am on most social media platforms and I eventually developed it into a career and run my own online coaching business now. Social Media and the online world is a huge part of my life.

My eldest daughter was too young to be on social media up until recently. About a year ago I was scrolling through Instagram, applying some new strategies to grow my account when something interesting caught my eye. Instagram tends to suggest people to follow every once in a while and that day was my lucky day.

I was suggested to follow this particular Instagram account. With an odd username and not a real clear profile picture, it was not really something I would go ahead and follow, but the username caught my eye.

Since I was young I always resonated with the wolf!

I guess I think of it as my spirit animal, something I relate to. And well this particular profile resonated with me too, so I got curious.

I clicked on the profile to have a look. Nothing in my life had me prepared for what I was about to see, it loaded and hundreds of pictures appeared. My eyes nearly popped out of my head!

As I scrolled through the feed I saw pictures of my daughter! Hundreds of pictures of her all grown up! 10 years old, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Obviously I went ahead and followed her. Even though my ex-wife was against all contact with my daughter, I respected her wishes of no contact and that obviously didn't include following her.

From her Instagram account I was lead to, an app for young kids where they lip sync to different songs. I knew quite a bit about the app being in social media and all, just never used it much. I started following her on as well; I would like each and every video she uploaded, until I couldn't hold out anymore.

I broke the agreement and made contact. I left her comments on her videos.

I mean she didn't know WHO I was, commenting wouldn't make a difference. Right?! Honestly the excitement and giddiness was clouding my thought I had made contact with my daughter!!

At this point she already knew that her father was her step-father, but she didn't know who her real Father was, and that he was the one that was commenting on all her videos.

However she did know that she had a half-sister, both my girls knew that.

She started going LIVE and I would jump in and leave her comments and send her sticker gifts. She started to get to know me as her number one fan. I encouraged my youngest daughter to get onto as well and join in.

My youngest reached out to her sister and introduced herself, they hit it off right away and next thing you knew they were doing LIVE videos together, doing duel lip-syncs and chatting in messenger.

Eventually her mother found out, and was not too impressed. I mean it was bound to happen.

I guess it never really bothered me; I made contact with my daughter, a gift that meant so much to me!

She disappeared off social media shortly after that for a while. I would go to her profile regularly to see if she uploaded anything new.

After a long overdue hiatus, she finally jumped on LIVE again but explaining how her mother couldn't find out.

She was sneaking onto social media to chat with me, which was when I started to realize that she was figuring things out.

Her birthday was coming up and I told her that I would send her a birthday gift. She was so excited and I was just simply over the moon that I could finally do that for her. I wasn't really sure how I was going to do it, but I would figure it out.

She had realized though. She started asking questions. Questions like how do you know when my birthday is? How do I answer a thing like that?!

I guess I was getting myself caught out, but I honestly didn't feel bad about it, I was finally making contact with my daughter. Her knowing WHO I am was something I always wanted! Maybe I let myself get caught out.

She figured it out; she knew that the person that was leaving her comments stickers and chatting with her was her father.

She put the pieces together and asked me.

I have the most precious gift that a Father could ask for, just to be able to have communication with my daughter is priceless.

We keep in contact regularly now over social media which I am so thankful for. Nowadays the three of us jump into to chat and spend time together, and even jump into a virtual social game, Roblox to have fun together all three of us together.

Living in a different country means I don't get to see them as often as I would like to, but Social Media has become a virtual hangout spot to be able to communicate and hang out with my daughters, and not only just a phone call, but I get to hang out with them while they do what they love, making videos and build 3D worlds together!

I am a big fan of Social Media, but after this! Social Media has given me so much more than just likes and hearts. It has given me the opportunity for me to get to know my daughter and who she is growing up to be surprisingly much like her father.


Sergio Mohar

Sergio Mohar is a Social Media Coach and your Superstar Leader helping Business Builders to grow their business online, authentically and effectively.He is also the Creator and Co-Founder of the University of Digital Strategies, a community and online educational platform where he specializes in Branding, Social Media, Attraction Marketing and LIVE Streaming, specifically for online business builders wanting to grow their business online authentically and effectively. Sergio believes that the online space is growing drastically and has become a huge part of people's daily lives. Marketing products and services are done very differently online today. Sergio believes that there is a smarter, more authentic and correct way to sell online. He believes that by having a mindset of servitude, providing value, and building relationships, anyone can build a successful online business through Social Media.

Sergio has worked with many different people and their businesses, all from different backgrounds. He has helped them completely change the way they do business online! His clients have managed to grow their businesses authentically, attracting more leads and closing more sales than they have ever done before. Everything Sergio knows, he taught himself. He has built his business and success on knowledge he has gained through trial and error as well as being coached by several coaches. Sergio has implemented many of his life skills into building his business and coaching his clients. Sergio has gained his Diploma in Digital Marketing from the University of Spain, as well being certified in Social Media from the Social Media Agency Academy by Tai Lopez.

Sergio also holds a Diploma in Music and has worked in many different industries through the years. He has managed to combine all that he has learned and skills he has gained to benefit his business as well as his clients.


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