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Clean teeth with BrushUP VR

Meet Budd, he is a friendly character who needs help cleaning his gunky teeth and we get to help in Virtual Reality.

Back in the days, and I'm not that old, Barbara my dentist would pull out a giant mouth full of plastic teeth and a huge scary dirty toothbrush in order to teach me how to brush my teeth, not enticing at all right? Being able to play while we learn allows us to embed that acquired knowledge more efficiently than if we feel forced to learn it by the use of repetition.

Brushing my teeth always felt like a huge chore, I was aware of the dangers of the sugar bugs but as soon as I would hear my mom's words: Go brush your teeth

I knew I would do a horrible job because I really didn't want to do it.

Of course, I grew out of that phase, especially when I started being conscious about self-image but that is something I'm trying to lessen in my daughters' lives.

With the use of VR I see a lot of potential especially in Education, learning will be the by-product of every immersive and fun experience. In my opinion, this is where Tech becomes an important teaching tool. On the other hand, I'm very interested in learning more about how VR will affect our kid's health and how can I moderate the use of it without excluding my children from the inevitable future they'll live in.

Brush Up VR is a simple and exciting Toothbrushing challenge. Find Budd's toothbrush. Find Budd. Brush his gunky teeth. Once you start, you have 60 seconds to get all the gunk! When you play Brush Up VR, you are inside Budd's bathroom. The game is all around you. You are the hero of a life-sized cartoon world, and Budd needs you!- GamesThatWork

What worked for me:

  • Very engaging experience and you can even get a small workout out of it.

  • My kids were more excited to brush their teeth after playing with Brush up VR.

  • The music speeds up as you are running out of time and that makes you work harder.

  • It's only $0.99 for the early access version, I'm looking forward to trying the full version.

  • My kids learned that brushing their teeth fast doesn't necessarily mean getting the job properly done.

What didn't work:

  • My girls were a little afraid of Budd at the beginning, they said he had a scary face but once my oldest got to know the game, she had a blast playing. It would be great if she could also learn about oral health as she plays this game.

  • 60 seconds was too short.

  • It works only for the Oculus & HTC vive, which is great for graphics but I feel that a mobile version will have a better outreach for an educational tool such as this one.