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VR skincare + HTC Vive skins

When we think about health, the first thing that pops into our heads is usually food or exercise and that's great but there is much more than that. A healthy lifestyle is when our life is balanced, sometimes when our life is out of balance our skin will be the one to tell us so. Listen to your skin because as ridiculous as it sounds, it speaks.

What kind of information can we get from our skin?

  • Stress

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Food intolerance

  • Other conditions that need medical attention such as diabetes or autoimmune diseases.

Face mapping is a great way to get to know yourself and learn how to address your skin conditions. Prevention is the name of the game, just like I wrote in my article VR hygiene, it's important that we take care of our skin, especially if we are going to be putting VR headsets on it for extended periods of time. Clean gear and clean face is part of our VR health, yes even for men! I know that skin care has been associated with the female world but just like you brush your teeth, you need to clean your face.

Easy skin care routine (unisex)

  • Wash your face with a non-toxic cleanser, make sure that you know what skin type you have.

  • Gently dry your face and use a high-quality toner.

  • Moisturize or in other words apply your favorite face cream.

Ideally, you should have a morning and a night routine but to keep things simple, start by doing it once a day after you finished using your VR headset. The more often you take care of your skin, the faster you'll see results. Nothing better than a happy glowing face!

4 Effective, safe & natural skin care companies

These companies have been reviewed on my blog but it's important that you research the products that you want to use and don't forget to read labels, too many weird ingredients is a no go.

Vive Skincare

Skin care is not only for us but for our VR devices as well, I want to thank Celia Schilling and Terence Calacsan from Hyperkin for their time and for sending me their HTC Vive skins. I've been using their product for the past 2 months and here is what I've noticed:

  • Better grip while handling the HTC wands.

  • As far as showcasing it makes your equipment stand out.

  • They protect the wands in case you accidentally drop them.

Interview to Hyperkin

Mindfully Augmented (MA): What are the benefits of using the HTC Vive skins?

Hyperkin: "There are many benefits to practicing safe VR! Our GelShell Wand Silicone Skins protect your virtual reality from actual reality such as bumps, scratches, and accidental falls. It also provides moisture protection from prolonged usage. They come in 5 different colors (gray, blue, white, green, and red) and look pretty cool!"

MA: What are they made of?

Hyperkin: "Our GelShell Skins are made of silicone. It provides protection while allowing clear sensor functionality".

MA: Will Hyperkin be creating more accessories for VR?

Hyperkin:" Our developers are constantly working on new projects to provide solutions for the tech community. We recently just announced more VR accessories such as our GelShell Touch Silicone Skins and Lens Protectors for Oculus Rift, and our Lens Protectors for PS VR".

Small steps lead to big changes, what skincare routine will you include in your VR world?

Stay healthy my friends!

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