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Think clearer with TruBrain

Designed by neuroscientists

Health tech reviews are my favorites I had the pleasure of reviewing TruBrain and it’s health benefits.

Thank you to the TruBrain company for sending me their samples to review.

What is TruBrain?

It’s a start up in California that created products powered by amino acids called neuropeptides that naturally improve cognitive performance.

These products are validated by UCLA trained PH.D. Neuroscientists The best part is that they are vegan, non GMO and gluten free. These are products that will help you focus and be more alert so you can improve whatever task you need to get done.

Super focused days are my favorites.

The products I received:

  • Original drink

  • Booster blend

  • Focus sticks.

Did they work?

It took me a week to notice the changes but they do work and there’s clear difference when I don’t take them.

My favorite was the original drink, it allowed me to stay focused for at least 8hours.

I must say I had some very productive weeks while reviewing these products.

The focus sticks made my coffee too sweet but they allowed me to start my days less stressed.The booster drinks were a nice addition to my original drinks.

Downsides to these products

I would say the taste was the hardest part, within a week I was able to enjoy the original drink but the booster drink was almost impossible and I never got used to it.

I’ve been pretty much drinking decaf coffees for the past months, I realized that caffeine and I don’t go well together. Unfortunately the original drinks were caffeinated and when I stopped taking them, I think I had caffeine withdrawal symptoms. But they do have a decaf version and that’s super exciting.

The cost

They are a monthly subscription, you will have to choose what’s the best plan for you but you can try their trial pack for $19.

Where can you get them?

I would definitely encourage you to give TruBrain a try if your looking to be more focused and I suggest you compliment this supplement with a healthy lifestyle.

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