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Reflections from a work from home mother

Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance you must keep moving

-Albert Einstein

I love this quote, and when I discovered it, I was already a working mom with 2 little ones under 4. It helped me understand with more perspective, what I'd always felt/known to be my journey from being a demanding non-profit finance career in Manhattan to staying home, raising my daughters, and working for myself as a business owner, health coach, and partnering with a health company for a solid monthly income base and leadership opportunities.

Fast forward 3 years--I'm a proud business owner momma with 3 little ones (7, 4 and 1) and let me tell you, what a blessed and incredible journey it's been. Wilder and tougher than I'd ever imagined! I'm here to be as real and raw with you as I can be while sharing some things that have helped this momma continue to find her balance on her ride through life.

Balance is found when we know where we're going and we move in that direction. This perspective freed me up from so much potential guilt or worry---some days the house will be clean, and we won't go on outings.

Some days I'll have work calls or a quick meeting and we'll have to adjust our plans around that, or I'll take the call during an extra-curricular activity or at the playground, so as to be minimally impacting my time with my kiddos (and because my clients and partners understand what and why I do what I do). I think that on the days when I want it all to be happening perfectly, simultaneously--is when I hit overwhelm moments that can sometimes lead to--why am I doing this?

How did we get to this?

I certainly remember I cried every morning for 6 months when I was pregnant with my 2nd and was leaving my oldest (At a lovely Montessori program) to be at a job that was wonderful, meaningful, but didn't fill my heart the way being with my child did. I had fought so hard to make every opportunity count in that career, and I knew that I would do the same, and more, for my own future if I could have to say in a few more of the terms. Some days, in this work from home juggle-- all goes according to plan and I either get a power-hour as I call them--in the morning right after breakfast when the baby is napping.

The girls are in school , or in the summer they know it's time to play quietly, read, watch a show, or even--gasp--do a chore from their chore chart, unsupervised (imagine!).

Give busy moms a mobile device/laptop and a quiet spot and miracles happen.