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R a w B e a u t y 💄

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

I had a great time reviewing this product! I want to thank HUM for sending me such a wonderful package.

What is Raw Beauty -Raw beauty is a green superfood powder that contains 39 superfoods that will help you boost your energy & have a radiant skin. It’s raw, non GMO, Gluten & Soy fee. Nutrition should be part of our daily skincare routine. We are what we eat, if we nourish our body properly that will be reflected on our skin. That’s the secret to a glowing healthy skin!

It's not a protein powder but it can be added to your morning protein shake.

About the taste It tastes like chocolate mint, it’s fresh & light and it doesn’t have a weird after taste despite all the green goodies in it. I’m a health foodie and finding products like this makes me really happy because I believe that healthy food should taste amazing. However I think it can be an acquired taste, my husband tried it and he wasn’t as excited as I was, which can only mean one thing: I need to get him back on track ;) In my own health journey, I’ve tried many superfood green powders and this one is unique and delicious.

Some of the health benefits that these superfoods can have. They are so many! I’ll try to list a few, once you start reading them you’ll understand why you have to try this product.

🔅Detoxifier 🔅High in antioxidants 🔅Boosts immune system 🔅High in vitamins & minerals 🔅Helps maintain a healthy weight 🔅Gives you energy without jitters 🔅Promotes glowing skin 🔅Helps regulate blood sugar levels 🔅Mood booster 🔅Reduces stress 🔅Helps improve memory 🔅Promotes digestive health 🔅Helps lower cholesterol 🔅High in plant-based omega3s 🔅Helps you stay regular 🔅Increases vitality 🔅Anti inflammatory 🔅Promotes oral health 🔅Slows aging process 🔅Boosts sex drive 🔅Prevents yeast infections 🔅Promotes urinary health

Recipe for the shake Super easy, I just mixed one packet of Raw Beauty with 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

The homemade cereal bars These tasted divine, I adapted the recipe from the #minimalistbaker and added the Raw Beauty powder and I used unsalted cashew butter.

Do I recommend this product? Absolutely! If you are just starting your health journey give yourself some time to adjust your palate to new flavors.

Where can I get it?

HUM’s mission is very simple they want to become the best nutrition business in the world, they truly believe in their product, to the point that they moved their families from London to the US. I can relate to that and let me tell you, that is no small task. So here’s to people who believe in high-quality products.


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