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6 great mobile VR apps for relaxation

“You need to relax”, we’ve all heard this before, right? Many of us are living in fast-paced environments and stress is part of our lives. Some of us have little time to relax and others don’t really know how to.

But what is stress? Stress is your body’s response for any type of demand, there is good stress that will give us strength and energy and we have bad stress, that is usually in response to an emotional state, it builds up inside of us and when there is no relief for this kind of stress, we get sick, tired and in extreme cases, we can have a mental breakdown.

Not everybody relaxes the same way, the important thing is that you find time during the day to do something that eases your mind.

Here are a few easy tips:

  • Replace your coffee with  green tea

  • Go for a walk

  • Spend time with someone you love and decompress

  • Eat less junk food and sugar

  • Organize/clean your living space

  • Get a massage

  • Use relaxing experiences in Virtual Reality

How can VR help?

VR can be a fantastic way to relax. Even 10 minutes can have a huge impact in your day. Having the ability to connect with yourself while being transported to beautiful environments not only is extremely relaxing but is time/cost effective.

What are the benefits of relaxing in VR?

A fascinating thing for me is that you no longer need to be sitting in a quiet space and close your eyes in order to relax, you can still do it if you wish to, by all means, I'm not saying that it's not a great way to relax. What I'm saying that a lot of people have trouble focusing and letting go what troubles their minds. The beauty behind relaxing VR experiences is that they do not look boring or intimidating. Everybody can do it and feel the benefits of relaxation by being in immersive experiences. Virtual relaxation will :

  • Help reduce stress

  • Give us an overall sense of happiness

  • Boost of our immune system

  • Help with weight management

  • Promote better sleep

  • Improve relationships

  • RelaxVR, De-stress with this high-quality experience, available for the google cardboard and the GearVR and It’s free.

  • Guided Meditation VR, Let go of everything that troubles you with this app, available for the GearVR and It’s free.

  • Lumen, Create your own luminescent forest! It’s available for the google cardboard and the GearVR.

  • Tiny island, relax on your own private island for free, available for the GearVR.

  • Yana, Enjoy the sunset at the beach while you connect with yourself, available for GearVR for $1.99.

  • exVRience, explore Australia while you relax , It’s available for the GearVR for $2.99.

Do you relax in VR? What’s your favorite experience?

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