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Beams of Light VR

Beams of Light VR is a personal growth company that manifested in Toronto, Canada.

Our mission is to empower you consciously, spiritually and emotionally in a way that creates lasting positive results for your life.

Prior to founding Beams of Light, I was going through a massive change in my own life.

My wife was left temporarily disabled from the birth of our second child. I was failing to generate income as an interactive story app designer. And on top of that my 4-year-old son was struggling to fit into a new school and was quietly becoming depressed.

As a practitioner of spiritual and consciousness teachings for many years, I couldn’t understand why everything was now falling apart around me.

I was hanging on by a thread and desperately needed help. While meditating one evening, I asked the universe for guidance.

It took some time, but my answer came when I least expected it.

While walking down the street, a sudden floodgate of ideas began to pour into my mind that would unify my love for technology and wisdom together.

I began to envision a new way of learning, one that would feel as if you were learning from the world’s greatest spiritual and thought leaders in person.

To me, the thought of having a one on one experience with an iconic personal growth leader would be a dream come true, but sadly that dream is financially out of reach for many people or for those without the means to travel and see them live.

Virtual reality was a technology of great interest to me at the time and I knew that it would be the perfect tool to bring this vision to life.

Although it was a mission that seemed extraordinary, I believe the universe doesn't make mistakes.

I made my choice, dropped everything I was developing at the time and Beams of Light Virtual Reality was born.

I began to quickly devour everything I could learn about VR design, psychology, subconscious behavior and merged that information with everything I previously understood about spirit and consciousness.

In the end, I discovered that creating a highly emotional learning experience was the key to achieving long-term results.

These VR experiences are for people that are passionate about personal growth. They quickly take you to the next level in a fresh new way.

Unlike a video, VR allows you to become emotionally invested with the experience because you’re now in the lesson with a real person rather than watching them on a screen.

Your brain perceives what you're seeing as real, and as a result, you form lasting memories of the teachings, learn them much faster and can apply them in your own life more easily.

We tend to keep these experiences between 2-5 minutes each. This provides maximum emotional impact while reducing your minds natural tendency to convince you not to apply new information that can otherwise change your life.

At the core of Beams of Light is the belief that we're all put on this earth to help each other reach our highest potential and realize our dreams.

Every dream starts with a vision and from there it's a choice. Our choice was simple.

By sharing the very best of ourselves we can help bring out the very best in you, and that's what being a part of this incredible experience called life is all about.


Ron Notarangelo

Ron Notarangelo is the founder and CEO of Beams of Light Virtual Reality Inc, a Personal growth company that focuses on unique spiritual, consciousness and mindfulness virtual reality teachings. Ron has quickly become the foremost authority and expert in the field of "Virtual Development", the method of teaching personal development techniques using virtual reality. Ron Notarangelo has been featured and quoted in many of the leading international wellness and Press sites and is the author of the upcoming book "Quantum Leap: How to achieve your dreams using virtual reality".

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