These holidays believe in yourself.

If I had to give you an advice for next year’s resolution it wouldn’t be mine but Eleanor Roosevelt’s:

Do one thing that scares you everyday

As simple as that, believe in yourself, everything you need to make a change is in you. You are your biggest strength and never for a second believe that you are not worthy.

As we reach the end of the year we will take some time off and spend the holidays with our loved ones. We will resume Minfully’s activities after the New Year’s. We want to thank our exceptional team for baring with us and working extremely hard to get things out on time, you guys are amazing and it’s a blessing to have you on board. We want to thank our readers, you are an essential part of this growing community, thank you for being on the other side of the screen.

But before we go, we want to leave you with some awesome homework, wait what? Maybe not homework but some bullet points that we think are important for you to research further as we enter 2018. We want you to be as informed as you can be about all the changes that are happening and might not be talked about in your community.

  • The importance of Cryptocurrency.
  • The future of Augmented Reality.
  • Self-driving cars and the automated life.
  • Benefits of the Candida diet.

I know many people are not convinced about this method but we are, so just google it, watch youtube videos, Netflix documentaries and share what you learn with others.

The day we decided to create Mindfully Augmented a feeling of fear overcame my senses, I remember it vividly, I was unsure about building a new site when I spent infinite hours building my health coaching blog. Throughout the years I’ve learned a few things about myself and one of them is that I’m always afraid, no matter what there’s always a sense of fear when I’m facing big changes in my life. Knowing this, I decided to ignore that fear and accepted the challenge to build Mindfully Augmented from scratch. I’m thankful for going the extra mile because if I had listened to my fear none of this would have ever happened.


As we begin this brief hiatus we want to leave you with a quote that expresses the importance of having awareness in an advancing world.

The electric light did not come from the continous improvement of candles

–  Oren Harari



Happy holidays to you and your family from ours,

See you next year!







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