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Hey there!

Like we said in the About us page, we want you to be a part of this, we need your insights! At Mindfully Augmented we are interested in learning more about:

  • Wellness and Tech
  • The Future of Education
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence
  • Using Tech to create resources for 3rd World Countries
  • Parenting and Tech
  • Globalization and Balance
  • Natural Living, Nutrition, and Healing
  • DIY’s for a healthier life
  • Culture and Consciousness

If you are interested in writing an article or sharing a video that you have made, here are our guidelines:


  • 400 words
  • Create a catchy title
  • Write using your own voice, be personable
  •  Include pictures, at least 1350 pixels with no filters, for quality purposes
  • Source the information you share when it’s not yours, add links
  • It’s ok to share already published work and start new conversations
  • You can include links to videos in your article
  • Include a short bio and headshot to add to your article
  • Have fun!


  • Preferably share your youtube link
  • No longer than 5 minutes
  • If not in English add subtitles
  • No cursing, we know is tempting but we have a wide audience including young ones and that’s not something that we want to teach.
  • Rock your video!


Submit your articles and videos to anja@potentialsynergy.com

From our end

  • You will know within 15 days if your submission gets accepted
  • If you don’t hear from us, it’s because unfortunately, we had to pass and we cannot get back to everybody, we are small team
  • We read every submission before making a decision.
  • We accept new submissions after a period of 7 days
  • By submitting to Potential Synergy  you acknowledge our terms of use and any form of editing by Mindfully Augmented’s editing team

Thank you for sharing your insights with us, we are looking forward to having you on board!