Living the Digital Nomad Life as a Couple

My name is Kayla Mohar, Social Media Strategist, Digital Nomad, and Wife. I’m very fortunate to be
able to live a life that many only can dream of. It was a rough start and I still have a long way to go but I get to do it alongside my best friend and husband!
I’ve always wanted to have something of my own; ever since I was 14 I was coming up with business
ideas and fantasizing about being The Boss. I fantasized about having a Spa Resort in Africa, a Dance
School, My own Production Company, a candy store, a restaurant and the list goes on!
Some of those things I still want but the one I’ve always stuck by was the idea of being able to build an empire alongside a husband. My future husband had to be able to be as much of a big thinker as I was.
I dated a few men only to realize they either only admired my ambition or completely made a joke out
of it. That was something that never sat well with me, you are either on the train with me or you are not, there is no laughing at it, demeaning it, or discussing how amazing it is.
The only way that a man would be able to be with me was if he was 100% committed to riding the train with me, fixing it, improving it and enjoying it! No ‘in between’ – ‘half at it’ – or making a joke out of it.
And yes, my stubbornness and high expectations chased many wonderful men away, made some feel
less than, and also led to the ending of beautiful relationships as well. It left me lonely; it left me
believing I was probably going to end up a rich and powerful spinster woman, living in her dream house with her 7 cats.
Until one day I met a man just as crazy, ambitious, and determined as I was. I remember telling him
about a business idea I had, and his reply was simply ‘okay, let’s do it’ – It felt weird, different, I almost
belted out, ‘are you kidding? I couldn’t build something like that!’
I married that man in 2016, 2 years after we met. A few business ideas and failures later, we
really felt we hit the real deal.
During those several business ideas and ventures, we learned a hell of a lot; we grew and developed until we reached a point where we were finally ahead of the majority. In 2017 we took our business model pretty seriously and created our own coaching company where we taught online business builders about Branding, Social Media, Attraction Marketing, and Live Streaming.
My husband Sergio had been building this business by himself since October 2016, while I worked 14
hours a day, split shift. It was a nightmare; he was only able to make slow and small progress because
he would have to wait for my day off, for me to do any work.

We started to realize our strengths and weaknesses, I am great at writing, organizing, and brand design, where Sergio’s strengths are video production, research, and tech development. Where I was strong he was weak and vice-versa.
We decided that the best thing for us was to go all in together, we needed each other and wanted to work together so the only logical decision was for me to quit my job and go full time in building with him.
By October 2017 we were both building our business together full time. All we ever wanted was to build an empire with our better halves, now we were able to turn that dream into reality.

Now working as a couple is not all the rainbows and butterflies that we imagined and fantasized about.
It comes with risk, stress, and arguments too. Business is business, sometimes it can be cutthroat, and
that can be challenging for many business partners, let alone husband and wife! We can say we do work extremely well together and I feel that is mainly because we are true reflections of each other. We both have the same vision; we both want an empire that we can build together. Our ideas for the future are easily bonded together.
Now, most people are together because they love each other, but they have completely different life goals and paths. They have their home life and their work life; they each have their own dreams, goals,
and aspirations. That can drive people apart, I watched my Mother and Father split because they had different ideas. Dad wanted a business and to be successful, and Mum wanted the perfect family life with a husband home every night. They had to go through that to realize WHO they truly wanted, and both my Mother and Father are happily re-married with their perfect other halves.
I saw this and made my decision early on if I didn’t want something like that to happen to me, I needed to find a man that wanted the same as I did.
I remember my Father teaching me an analogy for relationships. He told me:

Kayla, I don’t want you to settle for just any man. Don’t be blinded by love. Imagine you are a car driving along the highway; always stay in your lane! Don’t shift to a different lane, or take the next off-ramp or exit to be with another car. Stay in your lane. Find another car going in the same direction, traveling in your lane too, the right man will join you. Just stay in YOUR lane.

And I did just that.
Many couples might struggle to work together, and I don’t recommend just any couple to work
together. Some couples are suited to have their work life and their home life separated, but that is just
not us.
There are a couple of big lessons you need to learn in order to work together as a power couple:

  • Learn to be able to call each other out on their stuff, in a constructive and effective way.
    Sometimes it’s easier just to blurt out that you think that the chosen color scheme for the group’s banner is awful. It’s important to learn how to handle business matters effectively. It’s about discussing real issues without being horrible and without being too sensitive.
  • Being able to let the ‘not so important stuff’ slide and move on. There is really no point in
    arguing about the shade of blue your partner chose! If he likes the dark blue, let him have the
    dark blue – Business will not fail because of the shade of blue you chose!

As much as you and your partner are aligned, you are still two individuals that see things differently, and we need to accept that.

Being able to build an online business has been really a blessing in disguise. Both of us never really saw ourselves working a J.O.B, we always wanted something for ourselves. Building a traditional
business is a lot more work, more risk is involved, with more capital needed and does not
provide the lifestyle we want.
Technology and the internet have opened a whole new world in so many ways. The strategies we
teach and use every day on social media, attract clients to us, as well as giving us the choice of who we
want to work with, making finding and dealing with clients a much more pleasant ordeal.
We are free to travel and live anywhere in the world we want to, providing there is an internet connection. We are currently in Mexico where Sergio has been able to spend time with his family for the first time in 5 years, and I have been able to meet them.
My family is in South Africa and it is just wonderful to know that we can jump on a plane whenever we
want and spend however much time as we want with my family. No restrictions, no unpaid leave, no
boss or job schedule to work around.
Another thing that working online has given us is income freedom. We are in full control of how much
we earn. Which can be a blessing and a curse! We can either not make enough or make plenty, as long
as we put the work in we can make as much money as we want.
Putting the work in, for us is not a problem. Now that is what makes it a blessing, we genuinely love
building our business and helping others to achieve the same.
Complete Location, Time, and Income Freedom.

Predicting the future of Social Media

Now if you think that Social Media has reached its limit, hit the big time years ago, you are so wrong.
Social Media is only in its baby stages. With the relatively new adoption of LIVE Streaming, Social Media is boosting live content and not many people are doing it, and even fewer people are doing it effectively. But those who are using it effectively are seeing huge benefits for their online business.
Social Media is only going to get better! At rate the LIVE Streaming is going, we can totally
expect great development in the area.
Facebook is competing to stay the mother of all platforms. With the new Creator app just being released specifically for video creators, and with Facebook Watch in beta mode, there are whispers of a select group of influencers creating shows for Facebook Watch – A hub of series shows in categories that will only be available on Facebook Watch. Huge potential for Video and Live Streaming producers.
Social Media is not just a place to catch up with friends and like some random video of cats, it’s
becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools available – and it is FREE!
With Television, Radio, Billboard and Poster ads becoming a distant memory in the past, Social Media is taking its place. People are able to actually target their market, attract the right people, and build
relationships with their audience and so much more. Social Media is becoming a platform for real, raw
and authentic marketing. ANYONE can achieve online success.
Social Media has become a big part of our lives, and it intends to get even bigger, more practical, more
effective, and is possible to grow an online business using it, IF you know how to work it
As much as we believe that building an online business is becoming increasingly easier, it’s becoming
more and more of an exact science. You need to be on top of trends, implementing effective and
authentic strategies. (A great example is on our blog, I discuss the Gold Mine of Leads on Facebook
HERE) You still need to learn about Marketing, Branding, Social Media and more.
Lucky for you, the internet has a wealth of information. It works if you work it!

My conclusion

 Working from home suited both Sergio and me down to the ground. We are able to have our cake and eat it!
It’s tough and challenging, but nothing in this life that is worthy comes easy.
Working together as a couple has brought us closer, we know each other better, and it’s one of the
most rewarding feelings, to be able to build an empire and achieve success as a team effort, together.
The Digital Nomad life as a Couple is not for everyone, but it works for us. We would rather push
through the tough times than to be married and building separate lives.
The Digital Nomad life is possible, if you work at it, and is definitely an amazing experience doing it with
your partner – if you have the right one.

Thank you for reading this blog post! If you found value in my story, and you are intrigued and would
like to find out more about what we do, and how to build an online business, I invite you to visit our
website and my Facebook Page.

Kayla Mohar

Kayla Mohar is a Social Media Strategist and your Superstar Leader helping Business Builders to grow their business online, authentically and effectively.
Kayla believes that the online space has changed drastically in the way we present ourselves and sell our products.
Kayla believes that there is a better, more authentic and effective way to sell online. By building relationships, presenting yourself as an authority and having a mindset of genuine servitude, Anyone can build a successful business online. Kayla has worked with many people from many different backgrounds and helped them completely change the way they do business online. Her clients have managed to grow their business authentically, attracting more leads and closing more sales than they have ever done before.
Kayla is a self-taught success. She has gained a lot of her knowledge through trial and error as well as adopting several successful coaches. Kayla implements many life skills into what and how she teaches and is still very much on the path of learning.
Kayla actually holds a Bachelors Degree in Professional Stage Dance, and still indulges in the industry, and uses her Social Media knowledge to build on her industry trade as well.

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