Bracey Smith




VIRTUAL REALITY CREATIVE DEVELOPER                                              Bracey@potentialsynergy.com

– Concentration in spatial transitioning and non-gamer interactive user experiences –


● Developed ‘The Dream Cube.’ (Finalist in Samsung’s Gear VR Killer app contest.) Dec. 2016

● Developed ‘dreamscaping,’ spatial transitioning for VR. (dreamscaping allows a user to seamlessly transition between virtual locations without breaking the user’s sense of presence, agency, or cognitive flow. Dreamscaping is to VR as editing is to film.)

● Developed ‘dreamscaping’ C# SDK for Unity3D. Mar. 2017

● Week long solo showcase at the highly esteemed Louis K. Meisel Gallery with custom virtual galleries featuring their collection. Pinup Gallery for the HTC Vive and the Infinite Art Gallery for the Oculus Rift. Oct. 2016

● Partnered with Ken Perlin and Tactonic Technologies to integrate their HovrMat tech as the movement solution for the Infinite Art Gallery. Oct. 2016

● Created a mobile version of the Infinite Art Gallery for the Gear VR. Jan. 2017

● Mentor at Timewave’s VR lab in NYC Spring 2016

● Prior to developing in Unity, I developed an Arduino-based foot controller for VR movement

● General VR content portfolio, presentation at NYVR Meet-up

● Co-Created MindfullyAugmented.com, an online magazine covering wellness/tech augmentation

Preferred Creative Software:

● Unity 3D; SteamVR, Oculus Utilities

● Monodevelop; C#

● Adobe After Effects

● Adobe Premiere

● Adobe Photoshop

● ProCore ProBuilder

● Blender, Cinema 4D

Prior to developing for VR:

● Producer/Director/Animator for the award winning/Webby-nominated Pioneer One. The first independent TV miniseries.

● Writer/Director/Animator for the award-winning animated short Ouverture

● Pre VR portfolio at www.Braceysmith.com

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/braceysmith/


Binghamton University, B.A. Cinema 2007 – General Manager of BTV 2003 – 2004, Binghamton’s closed circuit TV station